The Park

Our park of 70 hectares

A haven of peace dedicated to nature

The little Tuscany of Pézenas

On the doorstep of the town of Pézenas, the Château du Parc offers a rare and unique setting, thanks in particular to its 70-hectare Mediterranean park. Today, this haven of peace is the ideal place to recharge your batteries and pamper your body and mind. In the quiet beauty of nature, you can experience the pleasure of freely enjoying :

- Your jogging

- Mountain bike trails

- Pastoral walks

- Gentle hikes

- Forest bathing

Cours de yoga à Pézenas
Prêt de VTT électriques à Pézenas dans l'Hérault
Forêt sauvage à Pézenas

An animal shelter

Beyond being a quality accommodation with all the services you could wish for, the Château du Parc is a place dedicated to nature and the many species that live there.

We have chosen to develop the space to encourage biodiversity in the park. Some of the trees have been there for hundreds of years, and the olive tree at the entrance is over 1,000 years old! Other species have been selected to provide shelter and food for the many birds.

Une forêt peuplée d'animaux sauvages à Pézenas

Forest Bathing

Just for you, or in groups, take part in our forest baths at each change of season, solstices and equinoxes (pagan festivals) and during certain high-influence full moons, and also for highlights of the year such as the Fête de la Nature in May and Forest Nights in June.

A night course in the heart of legends

Parc et Lumières

Discover the mysteries of the Château, from June to September, in a magical atmosphere, during an original nocturnal visit based on sound and visual effects. For all bookings of at least 3 nights, we offer this magical show to be experienced at dusk.

Our project

An open-air art gallery

Because of our proximity to Pézenas, a town of art and history, and with the aim of promoting environmentally-friendly tourism, we have decided to showcase a selection of statues and works of art by local artists in the Parc du Château.

As you walk along, you'll discover the works of our visual artist friends, painters and sculptors. Discover, be moved, exchange and share... Let yourself be transported by the beauty of art and nature.

Discover, enjoy, exchange and share... Be inspired by the beauty of art and nature.

Château du Parc
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34120 Pézenas

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